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World’s first robot marathon held in Osaka

Five knee-high androids have crossed the starting line in the world’s first marathon for two-legged robots, held last Thursday in Osaka, Japan.

The Robo Mara Full race was organised by robot technology firm Vstone Co, and the robots had to complete 423 laps on a 100-metre indoor track for a total of 42 kilometers. Operators were only allowed to change the robots’ batteries and motors but if the machines fall over they must get up by themselves.

It took the robot winner, Robovie-PC, 55 hours to complete the marathon.. Wow! These operators must have been really patient!

Japanese couple married by a robot

The rise of the machines continues as robots, such as the I-Fairy, are now conducting weddings in Japan. Willie Geist reports on this event that occurred in Tokyo in May of 2010.

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Fuamen: the new Japanese restaurant with Robot chefs

Fuamen, which is located in Nagoya, Japan, is the newest addition to the list of funky Japanese restaurants. Standing for ‘Fully Automated Ramen’, this restaurant prepares Ramen – which is a Japanese noodle dish – using robots!

Launched by the robot manufacturer Aisei, the restaurant’s robot chefs even put the food into bowls and serve it. The entire process of making the noodles takes a minute and 40 seconds. In their downtime, the robots also spin plates and fight each other with kitchen implements.

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