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Rice growing bra from Triumph to feed the poor

Women! Too busy cleaning and cooking to grow rice?

Now you can do it all with this handy rice growing bra from the Japanese bra manufacturer Triumph. Simply pop on the paddy field bra set and watch your bust bloom!

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Talking Bra from Triumph welcomes you to Japan

In Tokyo, Japan, in honor of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC), lingerie maker Triumph have unveiled a brassiere that will both welcome and assist visiting dignitaries. Called the ‘Welcome to Japan!’ bra, it welcomes you to Japan in English, Chinese, and Korean on just the press of a button!

This bra will definitely boost tourism in Japan.

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The Solar Energy Bra: a response to rising oil prices

Lingerie manufacturers Triumph International unveil their latest effort to tackle rising oil prices – the solar energy bra.

The bra can generate a small amount of energy thanks to its attached solar panel. This happens when it’s exposed to sunlight or electric lighting. The electric power of the bra is strong enough to charge a cell phone or an iPod.

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The Shopping Bag Bra: another weird bra from Triumph

In Tokyo, Japan, plastic shopping bags are bad news for the environment. Well now the problem has been solved for half the population with an eco friendly bra made by the same company that brought you The Putting Mat Bra, Triumph International. Not only is this bra made of recycled polyester, it can be transformed into a shopping bag!

Ladies, save the planet using your bra!

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The Putting Bra from Japan’s lingerie creator Triumph

If you think the Man Bra is weird, well check this out.

Ever been in the middle of something, then realized you really want a game of golf? Well the Japanese lingerie manufacturer Triumph have come up with a solution: a putting mat bra. The bra can be transformed into a 1.5 meter long putting green which is fully equipped along with a special skirt to ensure silence during the game.

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The Man Bra from Japan’s online lingerie Wishroom

Japanese online lingerie shop Wishroom has recently unveiled a strange addition to its new product line: the Man Bra. Strangely, the $30-dollar Man Bra is now Wishroom’s fastest-selling men’s garment. The Man Bra comes in three colours – black, white, and of course, pink.

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