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Domino’s Pizza in Japan offers $31,000 per hour part-time job

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of its arrival in Japan, Domino’s Pizza Japan is set to hire one lucky person at the rate of $31,000 for an hour’s worth of work in December 2010, which requires neither experience nor education, only that applicants must be over 18.

A company spokesman declined to provide further details until Nov. 10, but the company’s website said that anyone who wants the job will need to file an application. Those passing to the next stage will undergo an interview.

According to the government, the average hourly wage of part-time workers in Japan is around $12.

Domino's Pizza Japan

Domino's Pizza Japan - Koji Sasahara, AP

Kayabukiya Tavern: the Japanese tavern with monkey waiters

The Kayabukiya Tavern in Utsunomiya, Japan, employs two waiters with special background: they are both macaque monkeys. If you’re wondering how they are tipped, well they earn boiled soybeans as tips. Though in line with animal regulations, they only work for two hours a day.

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Fuamen: the new Japanese restaurant with Robot chefs

Fuamen, which is located in Nagoya, Japan, is the newest addition to the list of funky Japanese restaurants. Standing for ‘Fully Automated Ramen’, this restaurant prepares Ramen – which is a Japanese noodle dish – using robots!

Launched by the robot manufacturer Aisei, the restaurant’s robot chefs even put the food into bowls and serve it. The entire process of making the noodles takes a minute and 40 seconds. In their downtime, the robots also spin plates and fight each other with kitchen implements.

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A new Japanese diner concept

In Tokyo, Japan, a diner has taken a new turn where the customers are served by ‘french maids’. However, as weird as it sounds, all waitresses in this restaurant are…

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