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Kanamara Matsuri: the giant penis festival

The internet is helping a traditional Japanese fertility festival in Kawasaki, Japan, to go from strength to strength.

Kanamara Matsuri, or the Festival of the Steel Phallus, is an annual celebration of fertility which today raises money for HIV sufferers. According to Hiroyuki Nakamura (Excuse me, Priest Nakamura), the giant penis’ god is worshiped in order to help cure diseases of the lower half of the body. It is also a god that can help in the fight against AIDS.

It’s just the perfect family day out.

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Mantoki temple in Japan flushes bad karma through toilet

Fed up with work or tired of your relationship? Why not just flush all your troubles down the toilet?

The Mantoki temple in Ota, Japan, helps people either break away from bad karma or re-unite with a better destiny by letting them submit their wishes and flushing them through the toilet.

Visitors can choose between the white toilet for ‘enkiri’ or cutting ties, or the black one for ‘enmusubi’, or tightening ties. The toilet even has its own deity, named Kawya No Kami!

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