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Tokyo Sky Tree becomes world’s tallest TV tower topping 600 meters

Japan can boast the world’s tallest free-standing television tower as of Tuesday, when the under-construction Tokyo Sky Tree rose to a height of 601 meters nearly two years and seven months after the construction began.

The Tokyo steel structure eclipsed China’s 600-metre Canton Tower, which opened in Guangzhou in September – although both are shorter than the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s 828-metre Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It now entered the final phase of construction to reach the 634-meter tidemark.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree - Reuters

Japanese performing street magic with an iPad

Well, since Japanese incorporate technology in every aspect of their life, there’s no reason why they cannot use an iPad too. In fact it’s also fun to watch it! Check this street magician performing cool tricks with his iPad in front of the Ginza Apple Store in Tokyo. Enjoy the show!

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Chocolate-themed car as ultimate Valentine gift from Smart

Car manufacturer Mercedes Benz unveiled last Wednesday at the International Fashion Fair in Tokyo a chocolate-themed version of its Smart car, just two weeks before St. Valentine’s Day.

Designed by a Japanese accessories company, Q-Pot, the car is brown and patterned like a bar of chocolate. The price for the chocolate-themed Smart car is $28,780, while the price for the standard version of the Smart car is $22,439.

It seems like the guy behind Q-Pot and designer of the limited-edition car, Tadaaki Wakamatsu, has some really sweet dreams about it.

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Rice field in Tokyo high-rise to ease tension after work

Maybe one of the last things you’d expect to see in a high-rise in Tokyo’s business district would be this paddy field.

However, it’s not made to feed to the poor as the Rice Growing Bra from Triumph, but instead it’s part of an urban agriculture project run by The Pasona Group (Japan’s 2nd-largest staffing company) to let businessmen ease their tension after work.

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Rice growing bra from Triumph to feed the poor

Women! Too busy cleaning and cooking to grow rice?

Now you can do it all with this handy rice growing bra from the Japanese bra manufacturer Triumph. Simply pop on the paddy field bra set and watch your bust bloom!

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Toylet games by Sega to ease boredness while urinating

Japanese toilets are famed for functions such as posterior shower jets and perfume bursts, but to ease the boredness of Japanese while urinating, entertainment company Sega has gone a step further by installing urine-controlled games in Tokyo urinals.

Named Toylet games, four types of games are available to be played during a test period ending this month. Each urinal is fitted with a pressure sensor, and a small digital display is placed at eye level.

Check out Mannekin Pis game below (named after a Brussels fountain) depicting a urinating boy and which measures the volume of the user’s stream.

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